Éclat VA. Vol 1

Éclat: A Constellation Of Party Balloons Floating On A Deep Sea Saline Lake

(aka Éclat Crew VA Vol. 1)

Éclat Crew has been hard at work changing the face of the Berlin music industry since 2018, when the collective of female, trans and nonbinary electronic music producers was first established.

Éclat members have been making waves in Berlin and internationally for their work as producers, and as DJs and featured artists. This compilation is the first official collection of work from this dynamic and diverse community of creators.

The title Éclat: A Constellation Of Party Balloons Floating On A Deep Sea Saline Lake perfectly encapsulates this ever-shifting and dazzling collection of tracks. Opening with the chaotic plunderphonics of a multitude of everything, we’re also gifted soaring ambience from spherical aberration, pounding QBM from Eira, and driving synthwave from Working Memory. There’s a track for every taste in this collection. 

In the spirit of the collective, which invites producers of all levels to come together to make music alongside each other at workshops in Berlin, the compilation features releases from established nightlife names like Nathalie Capello, Monibi and Acidfinky, as well as newcomers releasing their very first tracks.

a multitude of everything standing on a beach beneath a blue sky

a multitude of everything

a multitude of everything is a desire to listen to all the music at the same time. The current music project of darken malign an anarchist dreamer from Ireland, based in Berlin. The project is a discordant data dump of multiple streams and crumbling realties, overlaying first take vocals, with voice notes and field recordings, tossing in YouTube plunderphonics, abstract turntablism, a plethora of disembodied voices and choirs of angels.

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Acidfinky, dramatically sidelit, looks at the camera against a black background


Acidfinky (she/they) is a German/Algerian DJ and producer based in Berlin. She is one of the co-founders of BLVSH, a feminist DJ collective, and resident at THF Radio.

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Alex peeks at camera from behind her arms, bathed in orange light

Alex Rapp

Alex Rapp’s hypnotic pop unites experimentation with confession, bringing a unique blend of soulful electronica to the streets of Berlin. The DC native is equal parts vocalist, producer, songwriter and music technologist. With dreamy harmonies and maximalist soundscapes, she unpacks passionate stories of love and heartbreak, drawing you into her sonic world. Her latest EP, “Spiralling”, examines her own cycles of dependence, and sees Alex trying (and sometimes failing) to find power in independence.

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Anna poses on a stool wearing combat boots, black latex tights, a blue blouse and braids

Anna Sharifi

Anna Sharifi is an electronic music composer, singer and live performer. Her origin is Danish-Iranian, her chosen home is Berlin.

Her music is built up of synthesisers, moving bass, powerful vocals and – at times luring, at times hard hitting – electronic beats. The tracks are melodic and driven, composed of Scandinavian clarity, oriental longing, Berlin techno, and raw emotions.

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Ari, head shaved, wears minimalist sunglasses and a huge metal hoop earring like a circular saw


Ari is writing, producing and performing genre-bending music that celebrates unconventionality and embraces change.

Since 2021 Ari is working on an album with love songs that aim towards an anarchistic romantic future. How do the love songs of the future sound like and how will they change our relationships? 

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Blender:File:/Users/anthonygenovese/Desktop/Visual Work/Logo Project/BW HOLE envirornment take 2 .blend

Blood Williams

Berlin-based US-Born, Blood Williams creates all-encompassing multi-sensory unique works which are full of intimation from all aspects of 21st-century media and conceptual art; ranging from Sophie to David LaChapelle, Janine Antoni to Evian Christ as well as Detroit artists like Jimmy Edgar. Both clean and filthy, dark and bubbly, the garishness yet refined sound is both a nauseating wink and a warm middle finger.

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Eira looks out the corner of their eye at the camera wearing a pink mohawk and choker


Eira is a gothic techno artist based in Berlin. Born right in the middle of the 90s and raised just outside of Brighton in the UK, they take inspiration from the British synth-pop and post-punk movements and try to bring some of the off-beat sensibilities of artists such as Modern English, Joy Division, Killing Joke or Tears for Fears to music for hot basements and darkrooms.

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Analogue photo of Ianni looking at the camera wearing dramatic red eyeshadow

Ianni Luna

Ianni Luna makes dense pulsating music, quite mesmeric and a bit sparkly.

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black and white photo of Inara in a black beanie and a cropped top against a brutalist building


Inara is a Scottish-born DJ and producer based in Berlin and resident at EHFM Radio. Expect deep and euphoric sound ventures ranging from 140 breaks to jungle and halftime.

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a circus ride with the signs 10 Klaus and 11 Heidi hanging above the seats

Klaus Heidi

Klaus Heidi is producer from northern Germany in Berlin. After a long day’s work in film and radio production, you may find her playing the keys for the computer. Usually, the computer will provide her with funny musical ideas in return.

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lamia looks to the side in a shiny black coat and ponytail lit with blue light


LAMIA is a vocalist, producer and composer based between London and Berlin. She records, performs and produces her own material. She is currently completing a Masters of Music in Electronic Music Composition and Musicology at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she holds two scholarships. LAMIA is inspired by deconstructed club music and enjoys combining industrial sounds, rich vocals and cinematic soundscapes.

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Lun Ario looks serenely to the right, wearing grey in front of a white wall

Lun Ário

Berlin based Lun Ário creates Drones using DIY synthesizers fed through Effects, sampled and fed back to the mix creating multilayered textures that evolve slowly evoking narratives in the mind of the listener. Inspired by Eliane Radigue and Pauline Oliveros, they hope to create music to listen deeply and meditate to. When not producing, Lun is happiest playing live improvised electronic music.

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monibi wearing a blue and yellow adidas jacket stares boldly at the camera in front of a yellow curtain


Monibi is a club DJ/ producer and radio from France. She weaves together bass & leftfieldhouse while joining the dots of the dance music spectrum in her DJ sets and her musicproductions. Hailing from the Cologne scene and now based in Berlin, she’s played at Gewölbe, ZugvögelFestival, Timcheh Festival, Odonien, Studio 672 / Jaki, Stadgarten, Acephale, Golzheim,Mensch Meier, Fiese Remiese, Irgendwo Bremen, and more. She’s appeared on the institutiontechno label Kompakt’s line-ups, C/O Pop, CTM Vorspiel, Hör Berlin, United We Stream x Arte

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Nathalie wears a military style jacket, bright red lipstick and a high ponytail in front of a yellow wall

Nathalie Capello

Nathalie Capello has been a staple of Berlin’s incomparable underground
scene since 2014, playing the city’s joie de vivre open-air parties and
peak time house sets at titans of the Berlin club circuit such as Paloma,
Sisyphos and Renate. Hailing from Rotterdam, Nathalie’s Nightlife
education was thorough and diverse. Her rave-forward pallet is
unmistakable, commonly blending nostalgic breakbeats, golden-era vocal
house, and blistering acid with the best hidden gems of the contemporary

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onirologia looks pensive and slightly out of focus with luscious curly hair


Onirologia AKA Costantino Toth (b. 1995) is a composer and musician who now resides in Berlin. The artist relies on ‘conceptual commitment to the recorded sample’ when writing music, so as to realize sound’s potential to become a Janusian, achronological archive. By dissolving linear notions of time, she reclaims her body from intergenerational trauma in order to incite transformation in both herself and the listener.

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Little is known about the artist paun. Based in Berlin, the producer’s debut electronica-inspired track quietly appeared online in the spring of 2021. Since then, paun has followed up with the release of 3 seasonally-themed ambient mixes, and will have new music on the way soon.

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Rheremita Cera wears clown makeup and is wrapped in a blanket with clouds on it

Rheremita Cera

Rheremita Cera is an interdisciplinary artist reflecting intersectional-transfeminists subjects through collaborations and experimental processes of composing video, music and costumes. With their voice they sing poetry, with words they create nonbinary narratives inciting new pussybilities.

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Shauna washed in pink light wearing translucent sunglasses and a white blouse


Leeds based DJ/Producer and member of SISU collective, Shauna, is an upcoming name on everyone’s radar; with an eclectic play style which encompass everything from house, techno and breaks, to club and footwork, and her own productions leaning towards techno and breaks, it’s no wonder that multiple labels have added her to their roster, having releases out with Queer House Party, Gimme A Break Records, Come Play With Me, Rhythm Lab and Interpolate Records to name a few.

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sithara looking at camera wrapped in iridescent plastic


SITHARA is a Berlin-born and Leipzig-based music producer and DJ. With both artistic and commercial projects under her belt, her musical tastes range from detroit electro to hip-hop, from techno to funk. That boundless musical exploration can be found in her tracks and sets. Sithara waves good-bye to essentialism and tired narratives and melts together varied influences with her own sensibilities. Her sound invites feeling invites movement. Resisting labels and being tied down by genres, her music wears its social, even theoretical markings proudly.

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snaeb side lit with bold shadow on white wall behind her


snaeb has escaped the tin

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Ioana looks at the camera wearing a cropped white blouse and sits yoga style in a field

Spherical Aberration

Spherical Aberration is the AV project of Ioana Bilea , a producer and visual artist from Transylvania, currently based in Berlin. After spending a big part of her life in lush forests with organic sounds, she decided to bring these audio visual stimulants to life with real-time generative visuals and textural sounds that flow and transform creating a world of their own.

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a collage of a boxer's body and a hat-wearing woman's face with two not matching eyes

Tanja Buttenborg

Tanja Buttenborg is a professional accordionist, singer and performer, loves teaching the joy of music in choirs and instrumental sessions, plays the accordion in the acoustic duo KLAKK and in the comedy duo Cat with Hat, also plays feminist punk guitar (five chords will do) in a country punk band (La She Peng) and keys in a queer schlager-pop band (Captain Janeway). With the help two friends who are involved in Eclat, she wrote the „Schätzchen“-song. She’s looking forward to exploring the universe of electronic music in the upcoming Eclat-Sessions.

Website // Klakk // Cat With Hat

black and white image of terri looking at the camera, hair tied back, in front of a bush of flowers

Terri Lee

Terri Lee is a Midwest-born, Westcoast-raised DJ and producer. Currently residing in Berlin, she’s woven narrative and listener-centric sets for underground dancefloors from San Diego to Paris to Berlin. Her music aims to take listeners on an unconventional journey and she hopes to sprinkle her sets with moments of nostalgia, elation and psychedelic hypnosis.


a computer generated, psychedelic multicoloured form similar to a tooth


Tiefgarage is a non-binary producer from Manchester, UK. They grew up in early 00s rock clubs and graduated to raves, all the time secretly listening to UK garage on the radio. Their name is a pun. They haven’t released anything yet. They have no intention of releasing anything yet. They take a lot of inspiration from garage, house and alternative dance music, but also from post-rock and experimental and ambient electronica. Their aim is to make music, to get people (including themself) to feel feelings and have a good bop. They can sometimes also be spotted DJing in small dingy cellars of Berlin.


Graphic showing a pair of converse walking away from the camera, overlaid with mosaic


WADI is a toronto-based palestinian beatmaker, collecting sounds from old and new. Influenced by the places in which they’ve lived, they draw inspiration from vintage Arabic music, Berlin’s electronic landscapes, and Toronto’s hip-hop/beat cyphers to create an eclectic lo-fi mix of chill vibes you can dance or sleep to.

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a text graphic stating Working Memory

Working Memory

Working Memory has long been incubating beneath the surface, burrowing tunnels between reoccurring dreams and feeding on the detritus of our past.

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Yvois is backlit with blue and purple lights, shining through her hair and dangling earring


Yvois is an Aotearoa (New Zealand)-born, Berlin-based producer of warm, wonky beats and singer of moody aural treats. Armed with a collection of dusty guitar pedals, warbling tape machines and a smattering of found sounds, she creates chill electronica and low key grooves in her treetop home studio.

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