Éclat VA. Vol 2

Éclat Vol 2: Their Petals Unfurl Like A Manta Ray

Éclat Crew has been hard at work changing the face of the Berlin music industry since 2018, when the collective of female, trans and nonbinary electronic music producers was first established.

Last year saw the very first compilation of tracks from producers from within the community, and now in 2023 they’re releasing another eclectic, sparkling volume of tracks spanning genre, location, and aesthetic.

With producers and DJs from Éclat regularly featuring on line-ups throughout Europe and the world, it should come as no surprise that Eclat Vol. 2: Their Petals Unfurl Like A Manta Ray is filled with surprise and delight. From the abrasive industrial sounds of ( ether o ) opening the collection, to the sparkling resonances of Ianni Luna’s ‘Rever’, to the propulsive techno of RANO’s ‘Dream a dream’, this collection truly illustrates the diversity and breadth of work emerging from this well-established Berlin-based community.

[ ( ether o ) ] Photo Credit [ Eva Karduck ] - Chia-Liang Lai

( ether o )

Chia is a visual artist, musician and Reiki healer. 

Under the name (  ether o  ) , she holds her interdisciplinary practices as one with total freedom of her artistic vision. 

She works conceptually with sound and music and expresses her activism through rhythm by using beats as the symbol of weapon and mapping solidarity. With her drummer background, she uses drums as storytelling devices with different gestures in her work, and has developed into percussion-based, polyrhythmic electronic music producing and DJ. 

With her fine art background in sculpture, she perceives sound-making as sculpting time and electronic current, as well as collage and building soundscape.  

As an energy worker, she pays attention to energy flow and channeling in music, and is interested in the relation between body and sound. 

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a multitude of everything - a multitude of everything

a multitude of everything

a multitude of everything is a desire to listen to all the music at the same time. It is the struggle to try to do everything and maybe just do nothing. The current music project of darken malign an organiser and artist from Ireland, based in Berlin. The project is a discordant data dump of multiple streams and crumbling realities, overlaying first take vocals, with voice notes and field recordings, tossing in YouTube plunderphonics, abstract turntablism, a plethora of disembodied voices and choirs of angels. Incorporating influences from drone to lo-fi singer songwriter, Irish folk, baroch, ambient, and diving deep through a lifetime in music subcultures they try to find a voice through anxiety, a sense of hope and meaning in the data, seeking community through divergent streams for generous ears.

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Ave Sans (photo Francesco Reffo)

Ave Sans

Ave Sans is a London-based, Brazilian-born sound artist, producer and improviser. Their electronic music compositions are situated somewhere between ambient techno and indie dance. Post-punk electronica and sculpted envelopes wander alongside field recording samples and soundscapes. They are the founder of a secret electronic music improvisation cult in East London.

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66204974-7168-40d6-81d4-b40c228927a7 - Olivia Oyama

Heidi’s Memory

Heidi’s Memory is a collaboration between Working Memory and Klaus Heidi, two intermittent Eclat participants, fusing synthpop and wonky piano playing into genre defying fun. Can you dance to it?

Hydra Lakes_Markus Rogalski - Anna Mattes

Hydra Lakes

spacious, lush, often dark and sometimes bright, shamelessly emo, but full of love and committed to staying naive. Let’s jump off iridescent glitches and bathe in moody wet soundscapes

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_DSF2966-2 - Eira Fransham

Iâ is the house and UKG alias of Eira, an industrial hard trance performer and producer based in Berlin.

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1B729D53-EFF2-445D-9014-BB47AD94A33B - ianni luna

Ianni Luna

Ianni Luna makes dense music, with textures that intertwine and sparkly bits of noise. Her sound creations blend slow evolving patterns with sustained ambiences that carry an experimental tropical tint.

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Ignatz Höch + Hannah Mouse (Judy Moore) - Judy Moore

Ignatz Höch + Hannah Mouse

cinder blocks crumble like cookies

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INVERNO - credits Shannon Heenan - Inverno Bookings


Based in Berlin, DJ/producer and radio host, INVERNO aims to keep the focus on the music and not the identity behind the decks. 

INVERNO is the head of KLEM, an experimental label about Ambient, Lofi and Techno. 

Founder of BLVSH Collective, which mission is to grow the exposure, peer support, and promotion of all-FLINTGA* talents, INVERNO recently played in TRESOR, ://about blank and OXI club, to name a few.

Pronouns: none. INVERNO is Agender.

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Klaus Heidi Photo Credit Klaus Heidi - Birte Gerstenkorn

Klaus Heidi

Klaus Heidi likes to entertain herself and her computer machinery with funny piano chords. Together they create music for fantasy elevators and supermarkets.


LA_X_Fontaeni_ The Artist - Crystal Wall


Is a multivoiced artist based in vienna

With her/their feelers La_X_Fontaeino touches the spaces between performance and singing, between ritual and poetry, between folk culture and queerness.

Her/Their work unravels aqueous poetic soundings and luring chants.

Establishing slow sonic tides that are inviting us to be responsive, to respond otherwise, and to cultivate listening to bodies of water.


signal-2023-03-23-202332_002 - Rosario

Lazy Rosario

Based in Berlin, and from the surroundings of Barcelona, Lazy Rosario is a producer creating electronic music outside genre boundaries.

With influences including reggaeton, flamenco, raï, ambient, and house, she blends experimental electronics, danceable rhythms and organic melodies at slow tempos. Her aim: to create a calming experience that also inspires resistance.

Productora de los alrededores de Barcelona, afincada en Berlín, Lazy Rosario crea música electrónica huyendo de moldes estilísticos.

Con influencias del reggaeton, flamenco, raï, ambient y house, mezcla electrónica experimental, ritmos bailables y melodías orgánicas a tempos tranquilos. Su objetivo: crear experiencias calmantes que inspiren resistencia.

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Love Builder of Worlds Photo Credit Zeb low res PR006 - Deb J

Love, Builder of Worlds

With intent to build a world from the rubbles of a white supremacist end-stage capitalist hellscape, Love, Builder of Worlds uses all the skills they have available to them to do so with the hopes that love and self-expression will carry zem through.

A multidisciplinary anti-binary person who uses all and any pronouns, Love found that “non-binary” did not encapsulate their resistance to the treatment of disabled, refugees, trans people of African descent. And with this, he has found the foundation and lens for the intention to convey his art.

The dynamism of xir music compels one to movement and transports you to imagine the lived experience xey are conveying through the sounds. Their vocal delivery is reminiscent of a call from the quiet of one’s soul, a whisper made out loud as if nothing to hide, laying all bare. Embodying the principle of anti-binary they move effortlessly through electronic music, disco, blues, afrobeats, indie-electro pop and garage music. Truly a breath of fresh air.

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R1-08756-0011 - Lun Ario

Lun Ário

Berlin based Lun Ário creates slowly evolving soundscapes manipulating samples using granular techniques and effects, creating multilayered textures that evolve slowly evoking narratives in the mind of the listener. Inspired by Eliane Radigue and Pauline Oliveros, they hope to create music to listen deeply and meditate. When not producing, Lun is happiest playing live improvised electronic music.

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Barbara sw - Mein Name


Ru Barb is based in Berlin since the 90’s, they have been addicted to techno for many years, inspired by classical music, punk and wave. They started producing in 2020 and have since developed a passion for hardware, dissonant and playful sounds. From straight and melodic techno to breaks and groovy basslines, their sonic identity travels through landscapes, inspiring bodies to move and dance.

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Spherical-Aberration-(photo Ray Wassef)-3k-hi - Spherical Aberration

Spherical Aberration

Spherical Aberration is the AV project of Ioana Bilea , a producer and visual artist from Transylvania, currently based between Berlin and Copenhagen. After spending a big part of her life in lush forests with organic sounds, she decided to bring these audio visual stimulants to life with real-time generative visuals and textural sounds that flow and transform creating a world of their own.

Musically, Ioana creates ambient textural layers and dark drones with eerie vocals or soft pads to blend with the flowing visual world. A lot of the sounds come from recordings taken in various natural landscapes or spaces with unique sounds such as Orthodox monasteries and caves. The music and visuals coexist and evolve together in a generative AV dialogue.

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The Center, The Border_PRESS_Toth

The Center, The Border

The Center, The Border mediates between sun-bit deserts and ancient swamps. 

The Center, The Border is comma between two discordant words.

The Center, The Border raises veins between watered eyes and sharpened heart.

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wadi 48 - Eliane Mazzawi


wadi.48 is a toronto-based palestinian beatmaker, collecting sounds from old and new. Influenced by the places in which they’ve lived, they draw inspiration from vintage Arabic music, Berlin’s electronic landscapes, and Toronto’s hip-hop/beat cyphers to create an eclectic lo-fi mix of chill vibes you can dance or sleep to.

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Working Memory Nate McCarthy City of Water - Olivia Oyama

Working Memory & Nate McCarthy

Working Memory

Working Memory has long been incubating beneath the surface, burrowing tunnels between reoccurring dreams and feeding on the detritus of our past.

Nate McCarthy

Big mullet. Big feels. That’s Nate.

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Yvois is backlit with blue and purple lights, shining through her hair and dangling earring


Yvois is an Aotearoa (New Zealand)-born, Berlin-based producer of warm, wonky beats and singer of moody aural treats. Armed with a collection of dusty guitar pedals, warbling tape machines and a smattering of found sounds, she creates chill electronica and low key grooves in her treetop home studio.

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