Éclat Part 111 – 5 Years Of Éclat!

Avatar eclatcrew | September 19, 2023

5 years ago, we had our very first Éclat Crew workshop at The Workshop on Forsterstr.

As a musician very new to electronic music production, I (Yvois) had a hunch that other music-makers from marginalised genders might be in search of a community, and a safe space to learn, much as I was. So I found a friend in Mary Fischer, who let us use The Workshop for free, made some sketchy photoshop images, created a Facebook event, shared it, and crossed my fingers.

5 very trusting and brave music-makers showed up to do a sample challenge together, and I fumbled my way through hosting the very first Éclat Crew workshop. From there, Éclat grew and grew and grew, and now, 5 years later, some of those producers still come to our workshops. Éclat is now a community of many hundreds of producers, of all levels of expertise and experience, and I'm so grateful for each and every one of you!

This week our challenge comes from MusicRadar.com's VAST library of royalty-free sounds. We're using some tasty vinyl sounds this week, from their '243 Free Vinyl-Style Samples' pack. I've selected one folder from within that pack called 'Skipped Stuff' - a folder full of skipping vinyl loops for your music-making pleasure.

Download the samples here!

You can also get the entire pack directly from MusicRadar, but make sure you only use samples from the 'Skipped Stuff' folder.

This week's challenge is to use at least one of the samples, plus any other sounds, samples and effect that you like, to make a track of ± 2 minutes long.

Upload your track here by 21:00 CEST - OR - send your track to Ivy via Airdrop - OR - put your track on the USB key to submit for the listening session. The sooner we collect all the tracks, the sooner we can start listening!