Éclat: Part 19

Avatar eclatcrew | May 14, 2019

The Challenge:
To create a new track using samples from the 'Gospel Choir All Stars' Pack from the Converse Sample Library Rubber Tracks website.

Here's what we made:

Check out how Brasstracks made Chance The Rapper's 'No Problem' with Gospel Vocal tracks:

For extra credit, try using nothing BUT vocal samples - check out how Kanye used vocal samples in the track 'Jesus Walks' and other tracks:

If you didn't catch these tutorials last time we were working with vocals, try manipulating, warping, and repitching the vocals to fit your track.

Adjust the pitch using the Simpler Pitch Envelope in Ableton:

Automating changes in your clips using Clip Automation:


(in this tutorial the tutor demonstrates using Volume Modulation, but to adjust the pitch instead, choose 'Transposition Modulation' from the same menu as shown)

Using Pitch Shifter in Bitwig:


Using Pitch Shifter in Logic Pro X


Using Automation in Maschine


For help with getting started with your DAW, all our videos about sampling, arranging your track, and more, click on one of the tags on the right for links to more tutorials.