Éclat: Part 21

Avatar eclatcrew | June 11, 2019

The Challenge:
To make a new track using sounds from the NASA Archives.

NASA has been kind enough to upload their entire archive of images and audio online, free for use and download. For this challenge, combine sounds from NASA with any other synths, drums or samples in your library to create something truly interstellar.

Some of the sounds can be heard on the NASA Soundcloud page:

Here's what we made:


Andrew Huang has (of course) already tried making music with sounds from space.

If you want to get really spacey, here's some inspiration for making ambient textures and beds.

How about some more musical atmospheres for your track? (try recording some vocals on your phone voice memo app if you want to try some of these tricks)

For help with getting started with your DAW, all our videos about sampling, arranging your track, and more, click on one of the tags on the right for links to more tutorials.