Éclat: Part 44

Avatar eclatcrew | April 28, 2020

Many artists have been putting out interesting and engaging work and resources for other musicians in light of the current situation. One of these his Hainbach, a Berlin-based composer who makes beautiful work with tape loops and synthesizers and who also has an extremely helpful Youtube Channel.

This week we're using his new sample pack 'Isolation Loops', which he released for free on Bandcamp.

A note from Hainbach:

As more and more of the world goes into Covid-19 quarantine, I thought it would be nice to have a few sounds to get inspired from. This is a mini-Hainbach soundpack for you to make music with, containing some of my most favorite instruments...
This soundpack is free until the crisis is over, but of course if you have money to spare it is much appreciated. As a performing musician, I have been hit hard by the crisis, at least a third of my yearly income has evaporated.
Use these in your music as you like, feel free to credit me if you release something, there is no licensing fee. DON'T re-package these and sell them as your own loops, that is explicitly not allowed. If you like this pack, you can find many many more on patreon.com/hainbach

Rather than doing the usual WeTransfer link, this week you can get the sample pack directly from Hainbach's Bandcamp. Just click the download link below.

Try to make your track using ONLY samples from this pack!

Here's how we run our remote challenges:

BETWEEN 20:30 and 21:00 CET email your finished track to eclatcrewberlin [at] gmail [dot] com. Make sure you put your producer name in the title!

All the tracks will be uploaded to our soundcloud straight away, on a playlist called 'Éclat: Part 43'.

When you email your track to me, you'll get an email back with the Zoom Meeting number to join us on a Zoom chat! From 21:00 until about 22:00, we'll have a hangout, introduce ourselves to each other, listen to the tracks and share feedback. (I'm not going to post the Zoom Number publicly, as I want this hang to be just for folks who made tracks for the challenge, just like it would be IRL.)

For the sake of sound quality, we'll listen to the tracks on our own private computers and then chat after we've all had a chance to listen. For that reason, I suggest you make sure you have headphones so we don't have audio-crossover problems with your computer mics. Also, try installing an ad blocker on your browser so you don't have to listen to annoying Soundcloud ads between tracks.

If you need help using Zoom, check out these tips on getting started.

Please try to have your tracks to me as far before 21:00 as you can! That will save me from having to multitask and upload and chat all at the same time.

For inspiration, check out this interview with William Basinski, talking about using tape loops in his own compositions.


Here's what we made!