Éclat: Part 5

Avatar eclatcrew | October 30, 2018


The Challenge:
To create a track from sounds sampled from Youtube.

Chris Punsalan made a collab "with" Andrew Huang... not really with Andrew Huang, but using samples from one of his Demo videos.

We're going to use the same sample to create our own tracks.

For future Youtube sampling, check out this roundup of options from PC Mag.

Here's what we made:

Learn how to create a pitched, playable instrument out of any part of the sample using Simpler in Ableton:


Andrew Huang makes beats using only Youtube video audio...


Chris Punsalan suggests places to get samples for your own beats:

For help with getting started with your DAW, all our videos about sampling, arranging your track, bouncing down your final audio to a WAV or MP3, and more, click on one of the tags on the right for links to more tutorials.