Éclat Part 87

Avatar eclatcrew | May 17, 2022

We're extremely excited to be hosting another Guest Curator this week; Ale Hop!

Alejandra Cárdenas (also known as Ale Hop) is a Peruvian-born artist, researcher, and experimental musician based in Berlin.

She began her career in the 2000s in the experimental and underground scene of Lima, where she had several, pop, punk and electronic bands, and continually collaborated with filmmakers, musicians, and artists. She composes electronic music, by blending fractured pop melodies, with noise, field recordings and a complex repertoire of unorthodox instrument techniques, synthesis and real-time sampling devices which she uses as her sound vocabulary to craft a performance of astonishing physical intensity, saturated of layers of distortion and stunning atmospheres.

Ale also did three fantastic tutorials on the Language of Sound Synthesis in Ableton Live.

Ale has made us an incredibly beautiful pack of guitar notes, drones and chords to play with. This week the challenge is to make a track of ± 2 minutes using samples from the sample pack, PLUS any other sounds or samples you'd like.

Download the sample pack from WeTransfer here.

Submit your track to our Google Drive here by 20:30 Berlin time and rejoin the Zoom call at 21:00 for our listening session!

Listen to what we made here!