Éclat: Part 10

Avatar eclatcrew | January 8, 2019

The Challenge:
To create a track using samples from one of Duendita's sample packs, downloadable from her website or from her dropbox here.

For this project, we used vocal samples from the project 'Rote Beete', from her second Sample Pack, released Feb 2018

Follow Duendita on Facebook, listen on Soundcloud, and send your mixes over to her via the email in the sample pack.

Here's what we made:

Creative ways of working with vocals from Bwana:

Ideas for making Vocal Chop tracks:

How to make sampled sounds sustain in Ableton:

For help with getting started with your DAW, all our videos about sampling, arranging your track, and more, click on one of the tags on the right for links to more tutorials.