Éclat: Part 22 (Mobile Challenge!)

Avatar eclatcrew | June 25, 2019


There's no Éclat Crew event happening at Forsterstr. 51 tonight! Instead complete this challenge at home and send your results through to the eclatcrewberlin [at] gmail [dot] com email address - everyone's tracks will go online for you to share and enjoy!

The Challenge:
To remix Julia Kahn's track 'Fly Away' from the Metapop platform using the stems provided (download direct from Metapop here - requires an account - or from wetransfer here). Check out the "more resources" link below for a description of what stems are.

As we've seen in the past, the Metapop platform is an amazing resource for challenges and remix competitions, with a community of music-makers ready to give feedback and support on your tracks that you're making! I highly recommend that Éclat members join up to the platform and explore some of the opportunities available.

Once you've completed your remix and sent it to us at Éclat, you can also submit it to the Metapop Remix competition for the chance to win! If you want to submit to the competition, the rules are:

  • Create a remix at least two minutes long
  • Have legal rights to all sounds used in your remix
  • Use at least two of the stems provided
  • Be prepared to show project files
  • One entry per person, if you have more than one submission, only your first entry will be valid.

Ableton Tip! If you highlight all the tracks and drop them into an empty space in your Ableton window, while holding the Command key, Ableton will drop all the individual "Stems" each into their own track.


What are Stems?

We've posted this before, but it bears repeating: check out 4 producers flip the same sample, from Andrew Huang:


Check out Risa T's video on remixing using only Vocal Stems in Logic X (the techniques are applicable across different DAWs)


For help with getting started with your DAW, all our videos about sampling, arranging your track, and more, click on one of the tags on the right for links to more tutorials.