Éclat: Part 23

Avatar eclatcrew | July 9, 2019


The Challenge:
To use Drum Layering techniques described in the latest Ableton 'One Thing' video featuring Ninajirachi, to add more texture to your drum patterns.

If you don't use Ableton as your DAW, try using other ways of layering environmental / found sounds with your Drums, such as slicing the samples up in the timeline of your DAW, to create a similar effect.

To complete this challenge, we will be using sounds from the Noiiz.com pack 'Wanderer', from the One Shots > Foley folder. Download the pack for free from Noiiz.com with your free download quota, or get the pack for a limited time from the WeTransfer link here.

EXTRA TIP: Try moving MIDI information between different instruments (for example, from a melodic instrument to a percussion instrument, or vice versa) for interesting textures and elements.

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