Éclat Part 97

Avatar eclatcrew | November 29, 2022

It's our last Éclat Crew Workshop for the year, and we're going to be using an extra special sample pack - one created especially for us by our very own 'a multitude of everything'!

A multitude of everything has been compulsively collecting sounds, video and broken instruments since the early 1990s. They still can't stop! 

The latter half of the 90s they started making  zines & cassettes, graduating in the early 00's to creating video and audio documentaries, which were burnt onto cds & dvds  & distributed through international d.i.y. communities and have been screened in more than 30 countries. 

The  Eclat Crew Challenge sound pack includes some sounds  from warehouse raves, fullmoon parties & reclaim the streets, scuffles riots & samba bands of the antiglobalisation movement, outtakes from an anarchist jazz ensemble, a bunch of broken instruments and household objects being played like no one ever intended, and at least one recording of a child excitedly talking over a serene nature recording. 

Download the sample pack "some sounds i collected along the way" from Bandcamp for free here!
(Click 'Buy Digital Album', enter 0€, then click 'download to your computer'. My recommendation is to download as WAV for best compatibility with different DAWs.)

Today's challenge: Use at least 3 sounds from A Multitude Of Everything's sample pack, plus any other sounds or samples that you like, to make a new track of ± 2 mins long.

Upload your track to this Google Drive by 8:30pm Berlin time. We'll be hosting our Listening Session IRL at the House Of Music, but your tracks will be uploaded to the Soundcloud page for later listening.

Have a listen to what we made here!



A Multitude latests release 'Some Songs I Made When Getting Distracted From Making Other Songs' is available on bandcamp. 

Some relics from the past that have made it to the internet age: 

Aspire Squatted Social Centre Leeds 

Listen to The Good Bus: by direct action against apathy on #SoundCloud