Éclat: Part 1

Avatar eclatcrew | September 3, 2018


The Challenge:
Use 5 out of 10 provided samples from the Sandunes 'Searching For Sound' sample pack to create a track under two minutes long.

Download the full Sandunes Sample Pack from the Ableton Blog here.


Here's what we made:


What are we even doing? Watch four producers make four totally different tracks out of the same source material with Andrew Huang.


I'm opening my DAW for the first time. Where to I start? 

Click through for an introduction to your chosen DAW from Rob Jones at producertech.com:  Ableton Live / Logic Pro

So, I've downloaded these sounds. Now what should I do with them? Learn how to use Simpler / Sampler and make Drum Racks in Ableton here:

I've made something - how can I share it? Learn how to bounce down your track here: